Can we just discuss the fact that kathy deleted that tweet the first time and used a different picture of amanda decadenet 

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Kathy Griffin - Strong Black Woman - from May 2006

unicornisms replied to your post “my life on the d-list should really be on netflix like cmon”

it’s on youtube isnt it? it was, at least.

Yeah true it is on youtube it just would be more convenient for me if netflix had it and nicer quality too ya know. But yeah thank god it’s somewhere online at least, lol.

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I never met a waiter I didn’t wanna screw
Kathy Griffin ←

my life on the d-list should really be on netflix like cmon

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Kathy Griffin should host every awards show just because of this.

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While the show ended over 10 minutes early, the final winner, ‘The Young and the Restless’ producer Jill Farren Phelps was unimpressed when host Kathy Griffin ran out midway through her Outstanding Drama Series acceptance speech and cut her short as she spoke of pride in the ownership of the show.

Kathy yelled: "Oh, for Christ’s sake with your pride of ownerships. Wrap it up, lady! If you thank your f***ing dog…"

The outspoken presenter had also mocked the fact the show wasn’t televised, saying at one point: "It’s not even a real show, it’s like Twitter, relax."(x)

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Kathy Griffin & Kristin Chenoweth tonight at the Hollywood Bowl (x)
yoncey asked: Hiya, just a tip, when making a photoset with two gifs side by side (like the planet earth one) they need to be 245px wide instead of 250 :) Makes them clear

omg thank you so much i really appreciate the help i resized them so fast i hardly was thinkin about it and now im mad that they’re blurry. i’m probs gonna fix em now! thank you!! :)

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